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Wilden is one of the world's greatest pump solutions companies in the world. Wilden offers a wide variety of pumps and pumping-related products for many different industries including:

  • The Oil and Gas Industry
  • The Paints and Coating Industry
  • The Chemical Process Industry
  • The Water and Wastewater Industry
  • The Mining Industry
  • The Hygienic Industry

We carry Wilden products because they have one of the best reputations in the world. Wilden has seven different product categories. These categories are the Pro-Flo Series, the Specialty Series, the Pro-Flo SHIFT Series, Diaphragms, Accessories, and Spare Parts.

Wilden's many pumps, pump accessories, and other products are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of today's market. The company prides itself on listening very carefully to the feedback of engineers, maintenance personnel, and end users in order to create the perfect products in both a general and specialized capacity.

Some of Wilden's most popular products include:

  • The 25mm (1") Bolted Metal Pump
  • The 51 mm (2") Clamped Metal Pump
  • The 13 mm (1/2") Pro-Flo Saniflo FDA Clamped Metal Pump
  • Thermoplastic Elastomers
  • Universal Drum Pump Kit
  • Stallion Mining Pumps

For the oil and gas industry, Wilden offers two pumps that are very well known and widely used. These two pumps are the Specialty Series GPS CSA-Certified Pump and the Pro-Flo Shift - 4" PS 20. These pumps are favored by oil and gas industry companies due to their energy savings capabilities, their quiet operation, their excellent flow rates, and their reduced amount of operating parts.

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